As a human being, aka “The Horn” - a former Colombian guerrilla commander - leaves much to be desired. He cheated, extorted and murdered, up until reaching absolute self-fulfillment in the Far North of Sweden. A haunting, disturbing gaze into the mind of a sociopath, against the backdrop of the European immigration crisis.

direction, cinematography, sound design and editing by Frederik Jan Depickere, produced by Daniel De Valck (Cobra Films) & Carlos Andres Lopez Pazmiño (Wapu Lab), score and script doctoring by Carlos Andres Lopez Pazmiño, investigation and production management by Roger Viñas Lopez, post-production image by Mauricio Agudelo Bueno, all round technical assistance by Diego Leon Certuche, year of production: 2017, running time: 50 minutes, country of production: Colombia and Belgium.


DOCSMX 2017 (Mexico City, Mexico) // Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2017 (USA, Missoula) // DOCSVALENCIA 2018 (Valencia, Spain) OPENING FILM // Festival Traces de Vie 2017 (Clermont-Ferrand, France) // Festival International Signes de Nuit 2017 (Urbino, Italy / Bangkok, Thailand / Tucumán, Argentina) SIGNS AWARD // DOCSPUEBLA Festival Internacional de Cine Documental 2018 (Puebla, Mexico) // London International Documentary Festival 2017 (London, UK) // Berlin Experimental Film Festival 2017 (Germany)




Three men, three lifestories. A Spanish constructor facing bankruptcy, a 60 years old French cowboy and a Senegalese immigrant searching for a new beginning, face life in a desolate land in South Spain: Almería, a forgotten region formerly known as the setting for major Western-film production. Where the echo of the Westerns still resonate throughout kilometers of dust and silence.

directed by Frederik Jan Depickere and Pablo Castilla, year of production: 2008, running time: 60 minutes


DOCSDF 2008, International Documentary Festival, Mexico City  (SPECIAL MENTION) // Euganea Movie Movement 2008, Este, Italy. (BEST INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY) // International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey // Filmer à Tout Prix Film Festival 2008, Brussels, Belgium.