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As a human being, aka “The Horn” - a former Colombian guerrilla commander - leaves much to be desired. He cheated, extorted and murdered, up until reaching absolute self-fulfillment in the Far North of Sweden. A haunting, disturbing gaze into the mind of a sociopath, against the backdrop of the European immigration crisis.

direction, cinematography, sound design and editing by Frederik Jan Depickere, produced by Daniel De Valck (Cobra Films) & Carlos Andres Lopez Pazmiño (Wapu Lab), score and script doctoring by Carlos Andres Lopez Pazmiño, external eye and investigation by Roger Viñas Lopez, post-production image by Mauricio Agudelo Bueno, all round technical assistance by Diego Leon Certuche, year of production: 2017, running time: 50 minutes, country of production: Belgium and Colombia, with the support of VAF (Flanders Audiovisual Fund).


DOCSMX 2017 (Mexico City, Mexico) // Big Sky Documentary Film Festival 2017 (USA, Missoula) // DOCSVALENCIA 2018 (Valencia, Spain) OPENING FILM // Festival Traces de Vie 2017 (Clermont-Ferrand, France) // Festival International Signes de Nuit 2017 (Urbino, Italy / Bangkok, Thailand / Tucumán, Argentina) SIGNS AWARD // DOCSPUEBLA Festival Internacional de Cine Documental 2018 (Puebla, Mexico) // London International Documentary Festival 2017 (London, UK) // Berlin Experimental Film Festival 2017 (Germany)




Three men, three lifestories. A Spanish constructor facing bankruptcy, a 60 years old French cowboy and a Senegalese immigrant searching for a new beginning, face life in a desolate land in South Spain: Almería, a forgotten region formerly known as the setting for major Western-film production. Where the echo of the Westerns still resonate throughout kilometers of dust and silence.

directed by Frederik Jan Depickere and Pablo Castilla, cinematography by Anssi Leino, edited by Hanna Kuirinlahti, year of production: 2008, running time: 60 minutes, graduation project at LUCA school of arts (Brussels, Belgium) in coproduction with University of Art and Design Helsinki (Finland)


DOCSDF 2008, International Documentary Festival, Mexico City  (SPECIAL MENTION) // Euganea Movie Movement 2008, Este, Italy. (BEST INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY) // International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey // Filmer à Tout Prix Film Festival 2008, Brussels, Belgium.

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